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Game Features

Post by GOD on Wed May 27, 2015 2:28 am

Game features: This game also requires HP, There are different types of movements, as an example, flight, acrobatics, super speed,  Skimming, Ninja, Don't forget there is styles.

There is also a personality type, You can choose to be flirty,serious,cocky, and other.

Don't forget the aura as well! there are different types of aura!

Control - Go to the stats place in the MMORPG.

All these powers have there own unique abilities, Some elements even out, some can beat others, as an example, If a water style user went against a Electricity style user, Water will have an disadvantage, Electricity will shock the water, the water user will be zapped by the electricity. Now you would have an a disadvantage but not a huge, depending on the level differences Level 1 to 100. It will only do 1k damage.

There will also be weapons you can choose from,
One-Handed Example "Sword"
Weapons: Staff, Dual wield, Bow, Shield, Back weapon, Two handed, Guns, And martial arts, Also you can change the design from buying styles through shops.

If anyone has any other idea for weapons, Go post Inside the ideas section and we will take consideration.

And yes, this MMO will provide plenty of scenery, you will not be playing a non-realistic game.
Scenery Items : Trees, Leafs, Rocks/bricks , Houses , Shrubs , Bushes etc.

There is also going to be a dojo in the MMO world where you can learn how to play as an example, How to guard , Super charge , Double cross , Attack , Use powers , AND also how to prevent, Everything has a weakness, You need to be fast on your feet! If you walk inside the dojo you will notice there is two different sparring targets, Active and Inactive.

Don't forget you all have freedom. The styles shop is to change the design of your clothing,weapon, and what ever equipment you tag along with you.

You can get Restoration potion, Energy potion , Revive potion , Second life potion from the potion shop each are expensive, Both are worth it in PVP and PVE when you are in deep trouble!

Skills is not really a shop, But if you want to go check your stats and see how important your role / power type , An armory , Combos , is you need to enter The Skills place, You can also get mastery!

Item Shop is where you get stuff to build your own house, technically stuff that's needed in the MMO it doesn't have to be for your house, but stuff to used in battle.

We also created a food shop, this is the place where you get to eat anything you want! head over to the restraunt in this MMO, and you'll love it, We know for those who play the game who got tons know they can pay 10$ for Chicken,Fruits, and more. I mean you're getting paid lots!

If you want to take down damage on your opponent, you are going to need a weapon, a great weapon, depending on your weapon level decides how much damage you do.

There is also going to be a furniture shop where you can build your own house.

Mystery, Gear shops and more.

Did you people know if you get all the powers, all the combos, and absolutely everything you will achieve an element called "God"? Go check it out and see how powerful that element is!

Roles are important as well, In raids, you may need certain roles in order to beat it, there is Hacker type, Damage type, Healer type , Tank type , troll type , Drive type.

In order for you people to know what these roles are and do, you must play the MMO and figure it out, Or like i said, the stat place tells you everything about your powers,roles

Tiers is a huge part of you leveling up, In order to go to the next tier you must do all of your missions from inside the MMO, there is going to be level links that take you to solos,duos,trios,alerts,raids. If enemies is a lot higher level then you are, you will get killed with one hit, if you're close to the enemies level you will have a chance. We do not have a total of how many tiers we are creating yet.
So use your head! Don't be a tier 1, trying to take on tier 4 missions, its impossible.

You can also have your own family in a house hold, more features coming soon!

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