The Rules...

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The Rules...

Post by Moe on Wed May 27, 2015 2:00 am

Rules... Something we all love... -_- I HATE rules as much as you all do, but they're there for a reason. So open up your ears and pay close attention...

There are 2 types of rules.(Ugh...)
The first is forum rules. These are rules that need to be followed on this website.

1. I don't care about swearing, but try not to include them in every sentence.
2. Roasting and Flamming people are to be done on your OWN time. (Maybe settle your differences with an ingame PvP?)
3. T... T as in rated T for Teenager. No nudity or extreme vulgar images are to be posted or shown.
4. Post your threads and replys in the section they belong in.
5. Don't ask to be admin or moderator. You'll never obtain those ranks... Unless you become a TGOP member.  Laughing (Good luck, it isn't easy, but if we see potential, You'll be recognized.)
I'm generally not the type of person to take anything seriously, but these rules is something that you should take seriously. I don't care if you break some, you'll get warnings. But after them warnings, Game Over for your life on this forum and your MMO life aswell. (Banned)

The other set of rules is the in game MMO rules and rules related to the game of LBP3.

1. Do not ask for the logic. We worked hard to come up and create everything. Don't expect to know the secrets and behind the scenes to the MMO
2. Follow general LBP3 rules.
That's all the rules. Good job for taking your time in reading them.

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