Story Time

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Story Time

Post by Moe on Sat Jun 20, 2015 1:01 am

The MMO Story


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Re: Story Time

Post by GOD on Sat Jun 20, 2015 1:10 am

Introduction - God fell from the sky, God doesn't really remember what happened back then, But he had realised he was inside a place called "The Church Of Moety" God did not know his role, He was just a child.

God was a unique baby able to walk at the age of 2. He had the eyes called Stigmata. The eyes only a god has.

*Grand father brings God to his destination, carrying him on his back."
Grand father: Light fellow. Hahahaha


Grand father: WHAT?! Hes sleeping?!

Grand father: *speaking in his mind* "Hmm.. what if i throw him off this cliff.. what will happen then?

Grand father: Theres no way of knowing. I'll throw him off this mountain.

*Grand father throws God off the mountain*

Grand father: OH NO! I underestimated my strength, He may get hurt!

*Grand father jumps off the mountain to try and save god*

He realises god was flying. He wasnt in danger at all.  God was still sleeping.

Grand father: Thank goodness.. *What kind of power does this child posses..?"

*As grand father carries god, and continue to walk with him on his back. Grand father: We are almost there. to the town..*
Rogue amazons came inside the "Church Of Moety"  They tried to kill god.

God had a barrier that automatically protects him, Gods eyes turned pear white. he blasted all the amazon rogues except the one in the front, Known as the leader of the rogues.

The leader sealed God away for 10 years, Until one person has came to revive him..

???: You are reborn as a young adult.

God: ...

???: Your telling me you dont know how to talk?

God: ...

???: Thats right! you got sealed away by the rogue of amazons, No wonder, you had no time to even learn.

God: ...

???:  No way..

???: *Mysterious old man calls out for the ladies to come tickle god*

(No matter what the old man has done, God wouldn't laugh at all.)
???: Please do not tell em you are actually a greek god.

God: ...

???: Well its time I fix you up, you must know your role, there will be a lot of things headed your way.

God: ...

???: You must not know who i am. I am your grand father. I am also a god.

Grand Father: I will tell you everything and teach you the ways of a god, You must learn how to speak as well. It seems you havent aged. its been 10 years but your still in a 2 year olds body.

Grand father: Theres plenty of things we need to fix. *The grand father puts God on his back, and walks away*

Grand father: We now arrived at the town.

*Crowds stare at the grand father*
*The crowds bow as the grand father walks straight forward.

Grand father: this is my place.

God: ...

Grand father: Your awake i see, I shall introduce you to people when i get the chance, We are going to my mansion.


Grand father: Bwahahahaha

Jen climbs out of the play pin while grand father is in deep meditation.

Jen opens up the door and walks outside in town AT night time

As they see jen running around in the middle of the night, everyone gives the baby an obvious look "Its A baby! anyone know its parents"

*Suddenly* One of the rogues drop by to try and get jen once again.. As quick as it was..

Grand father captured jen just in time. he knocked the rogue extremely far away..

Grand father: Bwahahahaha you ran out and i didn't even know it.

*Grand father takes jen back to the place.*

*cut scene ends to an other in THE morning time.*

*Alright jen, I have a mission i must fulfill. I'm sorry but i will have to go for about 13 years.*

*This lady will teach you how to speak english as you get older.*

*So long. grand son. it has been an honor seeing you again.*

*13years later* God has known everyone in the town so far. hes made great connections, he now speaks english and now has intelligence.

Jen came from that same place grand father raised him in except there are women raising jen now..

Jen was told to go to the item shop to buy an restoration potion *Gameplay*

As jen walks out of the shop *Gameplay*

He finds one of the rogues from years ago. Jen: Are you still after me?! ???: Of course, we can not let you live.. *Cut scene*

Jen: I have no choice but to protect myself.

???: You really think you can protect yourself?

*???* *summons 3 huge monsters.

Jen: Why did grandpa have to leave.. now they are back from me.. and why haven't they captured me within the years grand pa has Left?

???: Don't ask me any questions, NOW die----
------------------------------------------ *An other person appears*

God: ... who might this be?

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Re: Story Time

Post by Moe on Sat Jun 20, 2015 1:10 am

Long ago, There was a battle... The battle of Territory. People from all over the globe fought in this war. Moe, Was one of these men.

He was one of the strongest. Many tried to defeat him, but they all failed. This led to people coming together in order to defeat him, however, All they managed to do was seal his body into a glacier, where he will remain untouched for thousands of years to come.

*10,000 years later, 2 individuals arrived at the Great Glacier*

?: I'm telling you!! The legend of Moe is true!!

???: No... Thats just a legend, when will you get over that stupid fantasy?

?: Just you wait! I mastered the Ice elements, So this glacier should be no problem!

*The man raised his arms and the ground started shaking. The Ice gave cracks, followed by a bright light.
The seal has been broken*

?:!! Success!!


*Moe fell from a block of ice onto the ground breathing heavily. He looks around his surroundings and no longer sees the battlefield he was fighting on.*

Moe: Where am I?! Who are you two!?

?:!! Relax! I am Stickerslap... I've come to revive you.

???: I didn't think it was true... I'm- I'm RoxRocks...

Moe:... Why did you revive me?

Stickerslap:... You see... There's this group, Known as the Rouge Amazons. They're very powerful, We wish to use your ability... Your Eyes.

Moe: !! How did you know about my eyes?...

RoxRocks: You see, There are many books written by the people you knew thousands of years ago. They wrote about your powers.

Moe:... Thousands of years ago?... How much time has passed since I became sealed away?

Stickerslap: Thousands of years...

Moe: Hmm... Tell me more about these new Rogue Amazon threats.

Stickerslap: With pleasure. See, They're a thieving merciless cult that wishes to conquer all empires and cities. I'm the leader of the Redemption Clan.
Your ability to see everything with your "God's Eye" Power will be extremely useful.

Moe: interesting... Did my former comrades tell you about my OTHER power?

Stickerslap: No... Just the Eye...

Moe: Good, I can't have all my abilities exposed. Now, Take me to your Clan Hide out. I need to train myself, Get myself back into shape. 10 thousand years in a block of Ice will deteriorate anybodies ability.

Stickerslap: Understood.

*Stickerslap, RoxRocks and Moe traveled to the Redemption Base. The base was small, Hidden and only contained a few members, However, there was a large amount of space to practice, train and meditate. It was deep within a forest.*

Moe: A small base... Few members... Some may call this a disadvantage, However, This is good. Few in numbers and Strong in might will increase our odds. Especially since you have me on your side.

Stickerslap: Exactly. We cannot be open about the rebellion against the Amazons because the'll overpower us.

RoxRocks: Yes, So we're recruiting more members, but we haven't had any luck... Everyone thinks we're Amazons pretending to be the real deal, ready to ambush anybody who seems like a traitor.

Moe: Hmph... The era I was raised in, you had no choice. If you were summoned for battle, You fight till you can't anymore. If anybody objects, We force them.

Sticker told me to that if I wander the streets in my Battle armor, Then it'll arouse confusion.

To avoid that, He gave me some clothes that allow me to blend in with people. It'll be a hassle if people found out I was a God.

I had to keep the location of our base hidden, and whenever I came back, I had to make sure nobody was following me.

After a few weeks of getting accustomed to things in this unknown new world to me, I have been sent to go to the shop to get some supplies.

Since sticker and roxrocks have given me a place to stay and understand this new world, I decided it would be right to do what they ask of me.

As I approached the store, I see a peculiar young man who seems to be threatened by some rouge like guy.

By instinct, I ran and I Tackled the assailant with half my Godly brute strength, sending him flying into a tree, breaking most of his rib cage. I knew nobody would be able to survive a blow like that, So I turned to this boy who looked similar to me in terms of hair color.

Moe: Are you alright?


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Re: Story Time

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